• SERA POOL – Turkey
    SeraPool, always pursuing the best, the most hygienic and the most reliable in pool materials field which concerns human health directly, has achieved a novelty by bringing in the world’s most healthy product, porcelain, into pools.
  • SERA BELLA - Turkey
  • SERANIT – Turkey
  • ASTRAL POOL - Pool Equipments
  • PORSERA – Turkey

  • MCM LED SYSTEM Lightings and LED Products
  • ARGETRON Elektrik Elektronik Org. Gıda San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. / Diğer / Diğer Sektörler
  • DÉCOR TIME-COSKUN Furniture Maker and Joineries
  • U2INSAAT Glass and Aluminum
  • LATICRETE Construction Solutions- specializing in the development of latex-fortified Portland cement-based mortars, adhesives and grouts for the installation of ceramic and porcelain tile, glass mosaics, and stone. The LATICRETE product line also includes waterproofing, anti-fracture, sound deadening membranes, floor warming, surface preparation, and concrete construction chemicals.
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